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How geometrical designs in jewellery are taking over jewellery fashion scene

Geometry, formulation and coordination  are words not commonly associate with jewelery. The moment we utter the term bling, we gear our subconscious thoughts towards a heavy set chain and cluster of diamonds. But with Geometry? we presumably associate the term with academic curriculum of maths and science. The combination of maths, art and jewelery is a delightful concoction that will continue to inspire, delight and most importantly, break down barriers and create new ideology.  These pieces which we offer are designed technically and we want you feel that there is a mind behind the reason and that translates all this into a gem.  To buy 18 k gold jewellery and 18k gold ring you can either visit online stores or retail stores. if you are fond of White gold then you may prefer 18k white gold earrings rather than 18k yellow gold earrings.

Each piece is based upon a broad conventional style.You can put your focus on proportionalities and the joint lines of each single link. In this process classical forms of jewelry collide with the latest trends of fashion such as colors, stylishness and classical education influences jewelry design. The work subtly implies mystery and timelessness with daring elegance. Although these pieces are ideally worn, it would certainly not look out of place.

18K gold rings


The promotional images of the collection depicts strength, spontaneity and adventure, it could possibly describe the wearer than the jeweler itself or a combination of both.  The collision of geometry, art and jewelry are an addictive mix and never to be concluded. if you appreciate clean, minimal and organic forms. These are clearly reflected in our designs. Although geometric shapes may be purposely chaotic and free, it is carefully constructed with every lines and angles intricately analyzed and configured.

The inspiration comes from current fashion trends and art movements of minimalism and deconstructionism. Whilst maintaining focus in proportions and fine organic lines. The work has sense of purpose, to demystify jewelery from only being viewed as piece of accessory, but a form of expression of individual’s character and personality.

Gold Rings

We offer you wearable jewelery pieces that concentrate on elemental lines and simplified shapes. These collection offers various means of symbolism. It could possible question individuals excessive needs of opulent lifestyle and accessible luxury in their lives.  By creating false sense of identity and temporary happiness. By delving into our humble beginnings, simpler and finer objects can be a source of personal gain and not a source of what we are missing.

The jewelry produced by our artisans are inspired by old traditions as well modern outlook. They try to explore concept and narrative of jewelery and encourage everyone to find their connection and story whilst wearing jewelery pieces. The perfect structure of each design adorning the hand is and instrumental symbol of possession, personal comfort and cleanliness.


Gold designer rings

The artisans are also influenced by unique architectural characteristics, natural materials and colors, dark and bright contrast, linear form, geometric shapes and spaces. Since human beings live in architecture, there are some reasons in each element. They tend to research theoretically and visually into those handed down traditions and tried to bring them into pieces of jewelry. They also tend  explore a connection with human bodies and how the wearer and viewer interact with each other, themselves and objects. Love of nature, helps to understand  people’s attitude behind their culture.

if you intend to buy geometrical designs but are bit skeptical as to whether it would suit you, in that case you can try home try on option. By opting this facility, you will be able to adorn the pieces and only after getting satisfied you may resort to real purchase. in order to avail this facility, you need to contact the jewelery consultant of our stores. This facility is presently available only in major cities such a Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ambala, Faridabad and Patiala. While making payments you can choose to make payments using various modes such as paypal, master card, visa,  netpay and cash on delivery. If you do not have bank account we would advise you to opt for cash on delivery option.

After making purchases, if you are not much satisfied with the purchases you can always return the pieces and get refund for the same, but ensure it is within grace period. The Grace period offered by our stores is 30 days.  if it exceeds 30 days, we assume it to be sold.  So if you are two minds whether to keep the pieces or to return them. we advise you to take decision before grace period so that you are eligible for refund or exchange.


What are important considerations while purchasing designer jewelry?

The individuals while purchasing designer jewelry they should consider budget. Many times,this process can be far more difficult than first thought. It is true that money cannot measure the amount of love that a person has in their heart for another person. On the other hand, they should remember that this is not a time to break the bank as they will be embarking on whole new life soon enough.

What are four facts to look for when buying diamond jewelry ?

The individuals while purchasing the sparklers they should check for 4C's they are cut, color, carat and clarity. These are all important facts which need to looked for. The individuals need to understand what to each one of these mean and then figure which of these thing are of most important to you. The individuals in order to buy designer jewelry tend to visit sites such as designer jewellery online india site and designer jewellery bangalore site and make purchases and those who are interested to buy gold jhumka's tend to check design of gold jhumka

Designer Earrings

Apart from 4c's what is more important ?

Apart from 4c's what is more important is the setting. Setting can vary drastically. The individuals have to make sure to know some of the likes of their partner before shopping. This will help to ensure that purchases made is loved as much as the love that is in your heart.

Why it is important to preserve diamonds ?

The individuals without right knowledge as to how to preserve diamonds, they could lose the quality of their diamonds rapidly. Many people make the mistake of buying the wholesale diamonds at a high quality without realizing just how important it is to keep well preserved before going on to selling them. Even though the diamond is the toughest piece of gem, with it still being capable of holding its own in burning temperature of up to 1292 degrees Fahrenheit before it starts to burn. A mere oil smear could lead to dirt and dust to gather and lose its shining sparkle.

How to keep sparkle in your diamond ring ?

The best way to keep diamonds from losing its sparkle is by handling the gem as little as possible. This may sound near impossible if they are wearing a diamond set ring, but often they can neglect the quality of your diamond an some people are unaware as to how to maintain their jewellery. In this instance, it would be good idea to seek advice from an expert, who will give clear instructions as to how to keep sparkle in your diamond ring.

Designer diamond ring

How to store loose diamonds ?

The individuals can store loose diamonds wholesale, they will need to handled with extra care. This can be achieved by keeping them stored in very soft cloth pouches individually, and keeping them together in one pouch with result in them rubbing together and chipping.


Know how colored jewellery inspires day to day life

Life is full of colors. It affects mood and influences work.  We all know that each day in a week, is presided by varied planet in our solar system and there is definite color for each planet. As per Hindu Mythology, every day in a week, has a presiding God of its own. You can choose to adorn the color of your deity and planet, for you to remain connected with varied planets and deity, to be prosperous. Even therapists believe that each organ and body system has its own characteristic vibrational energy and disorders, which can be healed by applying color of the corresponding vibrational energy, either to the whole body or to the organ concerned. Color therapy uses this sensitivity to color to identify and correct any imbalances in the body's internal energy patterns which might lead to emotional or physical ill health.

Sunday – The week begins with Sunday and on this day, you can choose to adorn pink. This color is used for treating skin conditions and inflammations and the immune system. It sooth ens at all levels, physical, mental and emotional levels it can be used to sooth conditions of anger and feeling of neglect. They can be used to awaken compassion, love and purity. It can be used in mediation to discern greater truths. It is comforting to the emotional energies of the individual. It is most effective in treatment of skin problems and conditions. Especially when combined with aqua. You can browse our collection and make purchases of pink jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants and bangles. The price range starts from below Rs.10000 and you can also find pieces whose price range is above Rs.50000.

Monday– White influences entire system of the body. It is the basis for light therapy. It is strengthening. It is cleaning and purifying to the entire energy system. It promotes virtue, purity and spirituality. It is nurturing, calms heart, mind, nerves and emotions. It promotes vitality and supportive feeling. The individuals can opt to buy white jewelry from our stores. We offered varied style such as studs, drops, cocktail, floral,religious, oval bangles, hoops, round bangles, halo, journey, alphabet, couple band, composite, navratna collection, eternity, jhumki, trinity, two tone, detachable, love knot, zodiac, butterfly, light weight jewelry, locket, sui dhaga, nose ring, orange peel, pearls and vintage.

Tuesday: Red is energizing, it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It is often used to express love, as in valentine's day. From long time, if you are waiting patiently to express your love, then do not wait further. Offer her ring and propose her. We sell varied rings which can be adorned for varied occasions such wedding, anniversary, everyday wear and office wear. If you are beloved is not fond of red color then you may consider choosing other colors  such as blue, white, purple, pink, green and yellow.

Wednesday: Go green on this day to impress the planet Mercury. As per the Hindu mythology, this day is extremely auspicious to begin any work. In order to increase your success adorn green. It is again the day of Lord Shiva. Green is the color of nature. It is most predominant color on the planet. It balances our energies and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion. It represents purity and harmony. It has calming effect, especially in inflamed conditions of the body. Its also soothing to the nervous system. It is great healer. It builds muscles, bones and other tissue cells. Browse from stores and purchase emerald jewelry. You can choose single stone, multiple stone, three stone and five stone 22 k gold ring.

Thursday : The color of this day is yellow. This day is presided by the planet Jupiter which is considered as the teacher of all Gods. It is said that if your wear yellow on this day and offer prayers to both Jupiter and Lax mi then you can be sure to be blessed with wealth. Yellow stimulates mental ability and concentration, and aids detachment. It can be used to treat rheumatism and arthritis. As well as straw related illness. It is the color of the intellect, of perception rather than of reason. The golden yellow shades are healthful to both body and the mind. It can be used to facilitate the learning capabilities of an individual. It is color which catches attention of all. It is also color which can create or indicate anxiety and mental tension. Gold in its principal property helps in strengthening and amplifying. It has beneficial effect on the immune system and on the cardiac conditions. The gold purity offered by our store is 18k and you can choose to buy 22ct gold bangles designs in yellow gold or white gold. We sell jewelry to both gender hence you can opt to buy unisex and women jewelry from our stores.

Fridays: The color of this day is blue. The day is ruled by Moon or Chandra. So adorn blue dress with matching sapphire jewels to appease God Shiva. You can also choose to offer blue flowers. Blue deals with willpower and communication. It is a calming color, good for curing insomnia. It is good for improving verbal skills and used to treat throat problems, asthma, stress and migraine. The color helps in promotion of growth as it has tonic effect. It is cold, electrical and has contracting potencies. It contracts the arteries, veins and capillaries and thereby raises the blood pressure. It is the color for mediation and spiritual expansion. It helps in relaxation of mind for it draws the ego outward, making the individual field oriented and more in harmony with environment. They are used for introvert to come out of his shell. There are many rags to riches stories associated with this stone. If you desire to achieve riches and move out of rags then wait no further and browse our exclusive collection of sapphire jewelry. The design offered by us include classic, fusion, fashionista collection, fashion, Amiraa collection, Adams collection, Hearts, clusters, mayura collection, Aurora collection, Saundarya collection, Arm candy collection, oblici collection, sacred elements collection, spring collection, band and token of love collection.

Saturday– Violet color relates to imagination and spirituality. It is an introspective color, which allows you to get in touch with your deeper thoughts. You can choose to buy violet stone ring or 22 carat gold pendant sets in varied stone shapes such as round, princess, pear, oval, trillion, heart, marquise and emerald cut from our stores. 


Knowing Why Fashion jewelry is becoming popular- All queries answered

Fashion jewelry such as fashion diamond pendant are considered as great gift ideas. The jewelry gifts have become increasing popular all over the world, More and more prefer to offer jewelry gifts to their families and friends. Jewelry gifts are also given on varied occasions such as holidays, celebration and anniversaries.

Fashion Diamond Pendants

What does jewelry pieces represent ?

The jewelry pieces represent their memorable love and many people love to offer their beloved gold jewelry as well as diamond jewelry to express that they are more precious then the precious stones and metals of the world. Even heart shape jewelry is big hit among both young as well old.

Heart Shape Jewellery

Is handmade jewelry great option ?

Many consider hand made jewelry to be great option for fashion jewelry. They are bit expensive but individuals in order to have their own personal style do not mind paying higher price for the hand made jewelry. They help in enhancing the look and thus they will feel more confident.

Can beads be used in hand made jewelry?

Yes, beads can also be used in creation of handmade jewelry. They look colorful and they are available in varied sizes, shapes and designs. It is quite difficult task to choose the best beads to make the perfect jewelry designs.

Does fashion jewelry complete's look?

Those individuals who are fond of fashion jewelry browse fashion gold jewellery designs and fashion earrings for women and make purchases. They believe that fashion jewelry will help them to have complete look thus making them look more beautiful and attractive.

Fashion gold Earrings

Are people more fashion conscious now?

We find people are more fashion conscious now then earlier the reason is everyone desires to leave an impact in the social circuit out the repetitive design. This new breed of fashion conscious people are increasing exponentially. Thus it helps in creating huge market not only for costume jewelleries but also fro jewellery designing.

What are factors taken into consideration while designing the costume jewelry.

They not only consider design in accordance with fashion trends but also according to the taste and preference of the buyers. As for example during wedding, extravagant affairs in many countries and where a great emphasis is put on jewellery. The bride's jewellery is selected very carefully ensuring that the social status and financial soundness of teh bride's family is reflected conspicuoulsy. Needless to say that the jewelleries are very carefully co-coordianated with the bride's trousseau.

Why costume jewelry is right thing for every woman for varied occasion?

The reasons are many, few include it helps in saving money, and also gives reason to flaunt the attire as well s add radiant confidence to the wearer.

Tips On Buying Diamond Nose Pins Online

Nose ring infection could occur if individual develops an allergic reactions to piercing jewelry. Infection may also occur if one do not follow piercing after care instruction or if the individual do not seek the services of the professional while getting their nose pierced. It is utmost important that one ensures that person handling the piercing uses sterile equipment and wears sterile gloves to do the piercing. The individuals should not apply cosmetic near the pierced region for the few days, because cosmetic may clog the pores and invite infections. The individuals should never touch the pierced area with unwashed hands.

Diamond Nose Pins

Such infection is characterized by a bump around the piercing, redness and swelling. The individual may experience pain in and around the effected area. Pain could even be accompanied by a burning sensation. Yellow green or grayish may drain from the affected area. Even bleeding my occur. If one observes some other reactions, then immediately consult a dermatologist to get the problem diagnosed fast. If the individual observes these symptoms, then they should follow this tips. Mix a quarter teaspoonful of sea salt with eight ounces of water then dab with cotton balls soaked in the solution over the bump. Then the individual can can clean the affected area with anti bacterial soap and water. Then put the antibacterial soap on the tip of the cotton swab and apply on the bump. Then clean the bum and its surrounding area with lukewarm water.

Diamond Nose pins

Antibacterial creams such as bacitracin and nomycin can be used on the bump. These creams help to reduce the pain and swelling but it is always better to consult a physican before applying any of these creams. Titanium jewelry is good option for those rings as titanium is lightweight and porous. The tiny pores present in the metal alloys body tissues to adjust easily. The gold jewelry can also be used nose rings. atleast seventy percent of gold must be present the jewelry for this purpose. Gold plated jewelry are not usually recommended for nose rings. The individuals should restrain from using stainless steel or silver jewelry on the nose. The former is not so safe and can cause infections. The tarnished coating of the latter gets accumulated on the skin. The skin around the nose ring becomes darker. The individuals have to make sure not wear a nose ring that is made from the metal that is allergic. The individuals who are interested to buy nose pins do browse theft fashion jewellery online shopping India and fashion jewellery india site and make purchases. Those individuals who are interested in buying diamonds tend to visit Diamond Nose Pins Online site and make purchases.

How To Buy Online Jewelry For Religious occasion


Many resort to buying gold jewelery during special occassion,as it is most special day according to the nakshatras and calendar as well. Numerous people, practicing Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism conduct varied pujas and take bathe in holy rivers. Individuals offer barely in sacred fire and worship Lord Ganesha and Devi Lakshmi, mainly and also involve themselves in charity.


Faith stems from occurrence of moon gradually increasing its size in full form during this period, and only what is truly eternal will embody virtues of prosperity and good fortune. It is also believed that, when any particular day is considered auspicious, it has special significance as it symbolizes purity, hence women tend to prepare white payasam and put kolam and use jasmine and white vessels for puja.

How To Buy Top Ten Buys

From time immemorial, people have also been buying precious jewelry and our stores presents top 10 buys, for Religious occasion. They include Padmalaxmi Earrings, Aditya Nav Pendant, Enchanting Paisley Ring, Forever Rose Set, Poorbi Bangle,Rajkanya Set, Encircling Charisma Earrings, Innocent Love Ring, Rajeshwari Pendant and Mela bangles. By adorning above pieces, begin your year of prosperity, celebrate the auspicious day or make it special in your own way.

How To Avail Discounts

Religious special occasion  gold jewellery offers help customers either to  save more amount of money or  buy more pieces of favorite jewelry.  On eve of Religious occasion, sales are introduced, where customers would receive flat 5% off on orders above Rs.30000. And on orders above Rs. 25000, Flat 15% off and for orders below Rs 25000, Flat 10% off is offered, minimum. In order to avail discount, customers need to apply respective coupon code, mentioned on the website. Religious occasion gold jewellery discount help stores to increase sales. Get lucky, by making purchases above Rs.25000 and stand to win on special occasion gold jewellery offers like 5Gm gold coin.


Gold is considered to be ultimate symbol of prosperity and wealth. By adorning gold jewelry individuals signify never diminishing good fortune. It also marks new beginning of business ventures and weddings in Indian household and brings wealth and prosperity. Numerous individuals indulge in buying gold in the form of jewelry, gold bars, or coins. Price of gold has been low this year, but many believe it would steadily rise again. But this does not seem to deter customers who are placing orders by dozens to buy gold on Religious occasions.

Whether price rises or not, it does not discourage people from indulging in purchasing pure metal gold. From buying plain gold to investing in Latest gold jewelry designs are available on online stores in indian market,women also opt to buy kundan sets, pearl sets or traditional meenakari jewelry encrusted with gold, list is endless.

Gold has been all time favorite with Indians. Gold and Religious special occasion have always been synonymous with one another. It is also considered to be auspicious to buy something precious on this day. Apart from gold, nowadays people are also investing in buying emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones along with gold in order to have good luck, success and prosperity.


Even many celebrities believe that festivals are best time in a year ,when people should make some sort of investment that goes a long way in securing one’s own and loved one's future. Many household have continued trend of buying gold jewelry during Religious occasion. Hence even new generation tends to follow their foot steps. Few who do not like to invest in physical gold do opt for Gold ETF. Culture of buying jewelry is also not restricted to only women, even men tend to choose to buy varied pieces from our wide range of valuable items.

Almost all online stores do provide facility to return products purchased if unsatisfied with ease. Online jwellery store is one among the finest gold jewellery churners in the online market, and it also provides this facility. Customers can return purchased products within grace period, if fail to do so, stores assume products to be sold. No questions asked return policy offers users time to make sure purchases made are perfect. Free shipping is also offered, thus users receive complimentary return shipping on all exchanges, resizing or refunds made within 30 day return policy.

How To Avail Best Prices

Customers can easily connect with price comparing websites by following them on facebook, instagram, twitter and Google+. Additionally can choose to email them or call . Those interested to receive their newsletter, can get their email address registered with them and they will notify with their latest products price comparison, new offersand deals as well as other awesome discounts.

How To Buy Fashion Jewellery At Best Prices Through Online Shopping?

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Fashion jewelry has successfully taken to new extremes by high end catwalk designers who had changed the fortune for base metals and crystals. In US, Costume jewellery sales increased dramatically during 2006 to 2008, as the country spiraled into recession. New research from Unity marketing shows that fine jewelry sales recovered somewhat between 2008 to 2010, but they believe, this is a reflection of increasing prices rather than demand. To buy those pieces, individuals tend to visit sites such as fashion jewellery from India and fashion jewellery in Chennai site and make purchases.

Fashion Jewellery

One of the biggest witnesses is increase in use of precious metal plating, a technique many designer fashion brands have employed in recent jewelry collection. From 2008 to 2010, expenditure on women's plated jewelry, either gold plate or platinum plate, more than doubled, while expenditure on fling gold jewelry was down by 18 percent. Rapid increase in price on these metals is certainly driving the jewelry shopper to alternatives, plated metals being excellent choice.

Australian jewelry marketing consultant are concerned that consumers are making purchasing decision based on perception rather than any traditional concept of true value. Few individuals purchase several items from well known stores, fashion brand on regular basis and handle base metal bangles with such great are one would assume they were made of solid gold. When catwalk models are seen strutting down the runway in not just a label's clothing but they are draped in its latest jewelry offering, the message is obvious, this label can offer the cutting edge of fashion and not just in apparel, but also in jewelry.

Fashion Jewellery

Fashion dimaond jewelry popularity is linked to age, an increasing fashion awareness. Younger people do not care whether they spent amount on Chanel earring even if it does not have real pearl in it. Younger generation are not much snobby about materials. They buy them, because those pieces enhance their look. But people who are older, check whether real gems are embedded only then they are ready to pay higher price.

The individuals whether they are dressing up for a formal occasion or for a casual hangout, selecting a right jewelry will definitely enhance charm. The individual need not buy heavy and costly precious metal jewelry for occasion, they tend to choose trendy artificial jewelry to spice up their look. Choose costume jewelry wisely to accentuate the fashion quotient. Browse exclusive collection and buy costume jewelry matching your outfits from reputed rather from new stores.