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Celebrate Varalakshmi Varatam with special collection from Bluestone- Leading online jewellery store

August 6, 2014

Varalaksnmi Vratam is a festival to propitiate the goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, one of the Hindu Trinity. Varalakshmi is one who grants boons, hence married Hindu women on Fridays before the full moon day, during the month of Sravana, observe Vrata. Those who are unable to perform it on that day can do it on any Friday during that particular month. This vrata was suggested to Parvati by her husband Lord Shiva so that she acquires wealth and gains prosperity. Another legend is that a religious minded lady Charumati was requested by Goddess Varalakshmi to perform the vrata so that she full fills all her wishes.


On this day, women tidy their homes and keep it clean. The puja begins by decorating the kalaash or what is known as the sacred pot. The pot is filled with water and rice symbolizing prosperity. It is then covered with mangoes and beetal leaves. Then coconut that is smeared with vermillion and turmeric powder, is placed on the Kalash. A new cloth is placed on the coconut. Some decorate the kalash with jewels to make it appear more beautiful. To buy jewels many tend to browse online collection such as Varalakshmi Vratam Jewellery Collection and make purchases. If they do not find pieces what they are looking for, they tend to customize pieces as per their taste and preference. Online stores may charge bit more for customization, but customers do not mind paying bit higher price for customization.

Varalakshmi Varatam

Those who prefer to buy pure metal do buy pure metal and those who desire to adorn stone jewellery tend to buy jewellery embedded with stones from sites such as Festive Jewellery Offers Online In India. Stones can be precious as well as semi precious. Few prefer single stone and few others prefer multistone. We also find few customers choose only white and there are few others who prefer to sport different coloured stone jewelry such as red, blue, green and pink. The price quoted by the online stores are usually competitive hence customer need not worry that they have paid high amount for the jewelry which they have brought recently from any online stores. Customers, after purchasing the product, if by chance are not satisfied with the product they can always return the product and get refund or exchange for the product, with the website.

beautiful goddess Lakshmi

Special occasion jewelry need not be very expensive. They can be priced even below Rs.10000. We find numerous online stores offers good collection of jewelry pieces at price below Rs.10000. They can choose to buy varied designs such as fusion, classic, cluster and Amiraa collection available on popular online store such as Bluestone. You can also choose enchanting ethnic sets like the, lada set, Alexa set and add refined radiance. Online stores offer numerous styles to suit everyone's taste and preferences such as floral, studs, cocktail and drops. They can also choose cluster designs such as Nakshatra, floral cluster and seven stone cluster. While choosing the sets, you can also choose the stone shape, few prefer round and few  prefer pear, marquise and princess. If customers have any queries, they can contact customer care by various modes such as telephone, fax, email and by writing letters.


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