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Why 18 carat Gold Earrings Are Preferred Among Jewellery Buyers

July 25, 2014

Gold is measured in karats and the purest form available is 24 karats. 24 karats gold is soft and it is unsuitable to make jewelry. Therefore, number of different kinds of metals are added to make pure gold increase its hardness so that it can be durable and have strength. The karat value drops by alloying it with other metals. Generally for making ornaments 22k, 18k, 14k and 10k are used.


Why 18K white gold earrings should be preferred?

The individuals while making purchases, they should prefer 18k gold earrings as it will not bend or get damaged easily and the color looks very close to pure gold. If the individual do not like to adorn flashy yellow they can always choose to buy white gold. White gold is created by adding metals such as nickel.

White gold earrings

What to choose next after deciding metal and karat value?

The individuals after choosing the metal and karat value, it is the time to choose the style. Numerous on line stores offer varied style earrings such as studs, hoops, chandeliers, punk, fashion, dangle and peacock. Sometimes the customers do get confused as to what to buy, in that scenario, they can contact the customer care, who would suggest ideas and provide relevant information which would help them to zero on one.

Does budgeting help you to save more while purchasing jewels?

Yes while purchasing jewels, if the individual has already set a budget then they would restrict themselves sticking to the budget rather than thinking of extending their budget and spend more than required. Sometimes they may even tend to borrow from others and would find difficulty while repaying the loan. Thus to avoid facing these difficulty, it is good idea to have a budget.

White gold earrings

Is gold filled or gold plated best alternative ?

Those individuals who do not have enough money to buy precious metal can consider buying gold filled and gold plated jewelry. This means that the whole earrings is made of another metal (usually cheap metal) and it is overlaid with a layer of gold. Although these kind of jewelry are cheaper than 18kt gold earrings with diamonds and 22 karat gold earrings, they are more susceptible to wear. If you choose gold filled or plated earrings, ensure that the plating is minimum of 0.175 microns thick with 10 karat gold. It is better to check these details with the seller before making real purchases. You can also order for custom made jewellery if you do not find the jewelry which would match your personality and style. The seller might charge you extra, but it would worth more as it would help you define yourself well before the world.




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