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Sapphire And Diamond -Perfect Rakhi Gifts For Rakhi 2014

July 17, 2014


Sapphire and diamond are perfect birthstone gifts for those who are celebrating rakhi in the coming month. Of course, they are also ideal for women who are simply fond of rich blue stones that sapphire can offer. The beautiful selection of sapphire and diamond rings for rakhi include a variety of styles set in a wide array of precious metals designed to meet individuals needs. The gemstone and diamond rings are perfect way to add a splash of color to a traditional piece of diamond jewelry that you plan to flaunt during rakhi.  Individuals may also consider buying 22 karat gold earrings embedded with sapphire by browsing 22 karat gold earrings buy online collection.

The Yellow sapphire rings are among the most beautiful, durable and affordable rakhi gifting options. These gemstones are hard and scratch resistant mineral, hence they are very durable.On Mohs scale of hardness, a sapphire is rated as 9, which makes it the second hardest natural stone used in jewelry. A diamond, which is the hardest, scores 10. Individuals need not feel restricted when choosing a yellow gold sapphire Centre stone. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can also choose yellow sapphire of their choice to be embedded in your engagement rings.

Like diamonds, yellow sapphires are graded based on appearance. For a sapphire, the highest quality is known as AAA ( read as triple A). AAA Sapphire typically represents the top 10% of sapphires. AAA. AAA yellow Sapphire engagement rings will have brighter color and brilliance, that can’t be matched by a poorer quality sapphire. Also, because yellow sapphire is relatively inexpensive, there is no reason not go for the best, AAA quality. Similarly individuals can buy 22 k gold earrings embedded with AAA quality sapphires.

Rakhi Jewellery Online

Price that one needs to pay to buy rakhi jewellery 

The starting price of the ring is Rs. 10000 and if individuals are interested to buy unique pieces then they should be ready to pay more. Purity offered by numerous stores is 18k. Along with yellow sapphire, individuals can also choose to have other gemstones as well as colored stones such as ruby.Varied colors offered by stores include red, white and yellow. They can adorn these rings for varied occasions such as engagement and wedding. These rings can also be adorned for office as well as everyday wear.

If individuals are fond of multi stone, then they can choose to have multi stones embedded in them and if  they do not like to have multi stone embedded in them, then they may choose to adorn single stone. Even though synthetic yellow sapphire option exist, but still many recommend choosing natural for a few reasons. Synthetic sapphire is produced by several different companies and each companies color varies slightly. The color may not be the same as natural white sapphire. The synthetic yellow sapphire may not be durable as natural yellow sapphires. Natural yellow sapphire is relatively inexpensive, hence it would be better to buy real ones.

Although yellow sapphire looks great in any metal, if individuals really want it to stand out, then they should consider pairing sapphire with a yellow gold setting. The contrasting color between the metal and white sapphire brings out the beauty of the setting, the side stones and the sapphire itself. Its win-win for every part of ring. If individuals desire a similar contrast but with white gold, then they consider yellow sapphire.

Anmol Om Rakhi

Perfect place to buy gold rakhi jewellery

Numerous stores offer rings in varied styles, choosing a single one would be quite difficult task for anyone. Varied styles offered by stores include cocktail, butterfly and coral. Similarly stores offer varied designs which can easily take one's breath away when they look at it, for the first time. Stones shapes are also crucial, Varied stone shape offered by stores include round, oval, marquise and pear.

After making purchases, if individuals are not satisfied with the pieces brought by them . They can always return the pieces and get their money refunded back. They can also opt for exchange. If individuals are considering for customizing their engagement ring, then contact stores, and their customer service team would be happy to assist them to find a beautiful sapphire that is within individual's budget. Hence individuals are required to feel free to ask for help personally. If they are interested to know about latest offerings as well as discounts offered by stores then they need to get themselves registered with stores. To get registered with stores, all they need is to provide their registered email id.

After placing order on stores they can relax, as stores assure to deliver products chosen by customers at the earliest, i.e before rakhi. And in any case, the products is lost in transit or gets damaged the online stores would refund the amount paid for the same.


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