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How geometrical designs in jewellery are taking over jewellery fashion scene

July 8, 2014

Geometry, formulation and coordination  are words not commonly associate with jewelery. The moment we utter the term bling, we gear our subconscious thoughts towards a heavy set chain and cluster of diamonds. But with Geometry? we presumably associate the term with academic curriculum of maths and science. The combination of maths, art and jewelery is a delightful concoction that will continue to inspire, delight and most importantly, break down barriers and create new ideology.  These pieces which we offer are designed technically and we want you feel that there is a mind behind the reason and that translates all this into a gem.  To buy 18 k gold jewellery and 18k gold ring you can either visit online stores or retail stores. if you are fond of White gold then you may prefer 18k white gold earrings rather than 18k yellow gold earrings.

Each piece is based upon a broad conventional style.You can put your focus on proportionalities and the joint lines of each single link. In this process classical forms of jewelry collide with the latest trends of fashion such as colors, stylishness and classical education influences jewelry design. The work subtly implies mystery and timelessness with daring elegance. Although these pieces are ideally worn, it would certainly not look out of place.

18K gold rings


The promotional images of the collection depicts strength, spontaneity and adventure, it could possibly describe the wearer than the jeweler itself or a combination of both.  The collision of geometry, art and jewelry are an addictive mix and never to be concluded. if you appreciate clean, minimal and organic forms. These are clearly reflected in our designs. Although geometric shapes may be purposely chaotic and free, it is carefully constructed with every lines and angles intricately analyzed and configured.

The inspiration comes from current fashion trends and art movements of minimalism and deconstructionism. Whilst maintaining focus in proportions and fine organic lines. The work has sense of purpose, to demystify jewelery from only being viewed as piece of accessory, but a form of expression of individual’s character and personality.

Gold Rings

We offer you wearable jewelery pieces that concentrate on elemental lines and simplified shapes. These collection offers various means of symbolism. It could possible question individuals excessive needs of opulent lifestyle and accessible luxury in their lives.  By creating false sense of identity and temporary happiness. By delving into our humble beginnings, simpler and finer objects can be a source of personal gain and not a source of what we are missing.

The jewelry produced by our artisans are inspired by old traditions as well modern outlook. They try to explore concept and narrative of jewelery and encourage everyone to find their connection and story whilst wearing jewelery pieces. The perfect structure of each design adorning the hand is and instrumental symbol of possession, personal comfort and cleanliness.


Gold designer rings

The artisans are also influenced by unique architectural characteristics, natural materials and colors, dark and bright contrast, linear form, geometric shapes and spaces. Since human beings live in architecture, there are some reasons in each element. They tend to research theoretically and visually into those handed down traditions and tried to bring them into pieces of jewelry. They also tend  explore a connection with human bodies and how the wearer and viewer interact with each other, themselves and objects. Love of nature, helps to understand  people’s attitude behind their culture.

if you intend to buy geometrical designs but are bit skeptical as to whether it would suit you, in that case you can try home try on option. By opting this facility, you will be able to adorn the pieces and only after getting satisfied you may resort to real purchase. in order to avail this facility, you need to contact the jewelery consultant of our stores. This facility is presently available only in major cities such a Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ambala, Faridabad and Patiala. While making payments you can choose to make payments using various modes such as paypal, master card, visa,  netpay and cash on delivery. If you do not have bank account we would advise you to opt for cash on delivery option.

After making purchases, if you are not much satisfied with the purchases you can always return the pieces and get refund for the same, but ensure it is within grace period. The Grace period offered by our stores is 30 days.  if it exceeds 30 days, we assume it to be sold.  So if you are two minds whether to keep the pieces or to return them. we advise you to take decision before grace period so that you are eligible for refund or exchange.


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