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How To Buy Online Jewelry For Religious occasion

May 29, 2014


Many resort to buying gold jewelery during special occassion,as it is most special day according to the nakshatras and calendar as well. Numerous people, practicing Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism conduct varied pujas and take bathe in holy rivers. Individuals offer barely in sacred fire and worship Lord Ganesha and Devi Lakshmi, mainly and also involve themselves in charity.


Faith stems from occurrence of moon gradually increasing its size in full form during this period, and only what is truly eternal will embody virtues of prosperity and good fortune. It is also believed that, when any particular day is considered auspicious, it has special significance as it symbolizes purity, hence women tend to prepare white payasam and put kolam and use jasmine and white vessels for puja.

How To Buy Top Ten Buys

From time immemorial, people have also been buying precious jewelry and our stores presents top 10 buys, for Religious occasion. They include Padmalaxmi Earrings, Aditya Nav Pendant, Enchanting Paisley Ring, Forever Rose Set, Poorbi Bangle,Rajkanya Set, Encircling Charisma Earrings, Innocent Love Ring, Rajeshwari Pendant and Mela bangles. By adorning above pieces, begin your year of prosperity, celebrate the auspicious day or make it special in your own way.

How To Avail Discounts

Religious special occasion  gold jewellery offers help customers either to  save more amount of money or  buy more pieces of favorite jewelry.  On eve of Religious occasion, sales are introduced, where customers would receive flat 5% off on orders above Rs.30000. And on orders above Rs. 25000, Flat 15% off and for orders below Rs 25000, Flat 10% off is offered, minimum. In order to avail discount, customers need to apply respective coupon code, mentioned on the website. Religious occasion gold jewellery discount help stores to increase sales. Get lucky, by making purchases above Rs.25000 and stand to win on special occasion gold jewellery offers like 5Gm gold coin.


Gold is considered to be ultimate symbol of prosperity and wealth. By adorning gold jewelry individuals signify never diminishing good fortune. It also marks new beginning of business ventures and weddings in Indian household and brings wealth and prosperity. Numerous individuals indulge in buying gold in the form of jewelry, gold bars, or coins. Price of gold has been low this year, but many believe it would steadily rise again. But this does not seem to deter customers who are placing orders by dozens to buy gold on Religious occasions.

Whether price rises or not, it does not discourage people from indulging in purchasing pure metal gold. From buying plain gold to investing in Latest gold jewelry designs are available on online stores in indian market,women also opt to buy kundan sets, pearl sets or traditional meenakari jewelry encrusted with gold, list is endless.

Gold has been all time favorite with Indians. Gold and Religious special occasion have always been synonymous with one another. It is also considered to be auspicious to buy something precious on this day. Apart from gold, nowadays people are also investing in buying emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones along with gold in order to have good luck, success and prosperity.


Even many celebrities believe that festivals are best time in a year ,when people should make some sort of investment that goes a long way in securing one’s own and loved one's future. Many household have continued trend of buying gold jewelry during Religious occasion. Hence even new generation tends to follow their foot steps. Few who do not like to invest in physical gold do opt for Gold ETF. Culture of buying jewelry is also not restricted to only women, even men tend to choose to buy varied pieces from our wide range of valuable items.

Almost all online stores do provide facility to return products purchased if unsatisfied with ease. Online jwellery store is one among the finest gold jewellery churners in the online market, and it also provides this facility. Customers can return purchased products within grace period, if fail to do so, stores assume products to be sold. No questions asked return policy offers users time to make sure purchases made are perfect. Free shipping is also offered, thus users receive complimentary return shipping on all exchanges, resizing or refunds made within 30 day return policy.

How To Avail Best Prices

Customers can easily connect with price comparing websites by following them on facebook, instagram, twitter and Google+. Additionally can choose to email them or call . Those interested to receive their newsletter, can get their email address registered with them and they will notify with their latest products price comparison, new offersand deals as well as other awesome discounts.


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