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How can ine find the best navratna rings with prices

April 5, 2014

The navratna jewelry is made of nine gems, they have astrological significance arranged in a configuration which attracts the beneficial attributes of each of the planets. By using the detailed jewelry making techniques prescribed in the ancient Vedic text Graha Gocara Jyutisha, the Navratna jewelry is created to worn by anyone. They are designed to benefit all, by balancing the effects of the seven known planets and the two shadow planets to avoid negative effects while enhancing the positive attributes. The navaratna are generally worn as rings hence many individuals tend to visit sites such as latest navratna rings prices and colored stones navaratna rings sites and make their purchases.

The Nootan Pushp Ring

Few of them, prefer round shaped navaratna rings and few others prefer unique shapes. The correct way, of wearing a Navaratna ring is by wearing the blue sapphire gem representing Saturn pointing towards the body on the ring finger. The stones used for astrological reasons may have some natural inclusions, but these stones should not have any color enhancement, heat treatment and cracks. Finding the Best Earring Hoops Designs Online in India.

In Navratna jewelry, nine auspicious stones are used in single ornament. The belief behind this is, that the nine stones together would ensure the well being of the person who wear them. In india, the navratna jewelry has been given major importance because of its astrological significance as well as its innate charm. The nine stones used in the jewelry diamond, ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, sapphire, garnet, topaz and cats eye. As it is believed in Astrology, each planet watches over one of the nine gems and offer power.

The shukra is the planet for the diamond. Sun for ruby, saturn for sapphire, Rahu for garnet, ketu for cats eye, moon for pearl, Guru for Topaz. Budh for emerald and Angaraha for coral. The navaratna jewelry can be set in rings that are mounted, so that the stones touch the skin. The weight of the stone is decided according to the individual astrological chart. The blue has always been the color of enlightenment and in Budhism, the wearing of Sapphire was said to increase the devotion.

In West, bishops and Cardinals also adorn sapphires in ancient times. In spite of being held in sacred esteem, the sapphires can also bring bad luck if worn by a person who does not have it as a birthstone. The topaz is used for occult practices. It is used in the Middle East, for averting the evil and is said to bring wealth and long life to the wearer. It can be golden yellow in color and sometimes, even colorless.


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