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Why White Gold Bracelet Look More Elegant

April 1, 2014

White gold is actually an alloy of gold and other white metals, such as nickel, platinum, silver, and palladium. Gold is present in the same proportions, and is often indicated by a karat mark. White gold can be 18k, 14k, 9k, etc. Here, the amount of gold is the same as you may find in jewelry made from yellow gold, for example, 18k white gold is made from mixing 75% gold with 25% other metals, like nickel or silver.

The Naaval Bracelet

Image Courtesy:- Popular Gold Bracelet Patterns

The gold is indicated by the karat mark. The white gold can be of 18k, 14k and 9kt. T Here, the amount of gold is same as you may find in jewelry made from yellow gold. 18K white gold is made from mixing 75% gold with 25% with other metals like nickel or silver. The properties of white gold depend on the metals used an their proportion. This would mean, that they could be made as per the requirement. For example, the alloys which they use nickel tend to be very strong, ideal and flexible, and ideal for crafting the beautiful necklaces. The actual color of the white gold is steel gray. Best Tips on Buying Jewellery Online India.

Those interested to buy bracelet would like to view the gold bracelet patterns if they like 18k bracelet models they would instantly purchase them. The online stores offers good amount of discount to the customers. The customers while making purchases on the stores they should try to make purchases from the reputed stores and not from those stores which are not reputed .The payment on the online stores can be made with ease and thus customers receive more convenience when they tend to shop online

By adopting to use wrong cleaner, they can cause damage. They can use dull soft toothbrush for better results. Always remove your jewelry, when you for activities like swimming and or when you are working in the kitchen. The rings are often coated with rhodium, which is same as platinum. It is the rhodium plating which gives the natural white color. But rhodium, generally wear away and frequently need to be plated again. Always treat your jewelry with utmost care. If possible, do not allow the pieces of jewelry to rub against each other. If the individual bored with traditional look of yellow gold, and platinum proves to bee expensive for them, then white gold is an option which they can try out. With its beauty and versatility, they surely won't be disappointed.


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