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Tips on buying diamond ring engagement online

March 19, 2014

Diamond is considered the birthstone for individuals who are born in the month of April. It does represent the crown chakra that is also called the thousand petalled lotus chakra possibly because it contains the whole spectrum of colors in it. It is the most suited for those of the zodiac sign Aries, taurus and Leo. Every gem has certain effects which help in contributing the positively to the wearer. It helps in signifying the purity, abundance and harmony, prosperity and love. It does bring love, clarity into partnerships and it also helps I building the bonding relationships.

The Julep Ring

Image Courtesy:- Beautiful Diamonds Wedding Ring

There is something really attractive about the diamond unlike any other. The individuals tend to get surprised when they see the black diamond ring when they see them for the first time. They never even imagined there could be diamond of varied colors such as yellow, pink, blue and black. The black diamond supposedly offers the courage to look within ourselves without the illusion. But rarely do individual buy black diamonds wedding ring or black diamond ring princess cut. Even while visiting diamond ring engagement site they omit black color rings but they tend to prefer white. Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring in Indian Market.

The black color of the object does not emit or reflect the light in any part of the visible spectrum, it absorbs all such frequencies of light. The white color on the other hand does reflect light. As as result, the black color is symbolic of illusion as well as ignorance. While the white color represent the knowledge and wisdom. Imaging the color of the sky. Even though it contains varied objects in itself. Although it contains all the objects it does offer the appearance of nothingness due to it dark color. Similarly the black color does absorb all frequencies of light but it does emit that light in any of the part of the visible spectrum.

When black color is worn in combination with other colors it has a place and beauty of its own. After all we are required to balance all opposite to realize the beauty of the whole. So it is with the jewelry that when different colors are combined they help in accentuating the beauty of the outfit. We find that black diamonds are rare luxury and they are highly sought after by those seeking rare stones. The smoky coloration of the black diamonds are mineral inclusions such as magnetide or sulfide compounds. The cleaning of black diamonds does require the same process as cleaning of white diamond. The jewelry stores do help in selling the special diamond cleaning solution. But if they do not want to spend too much money there is a simple way of cleaning the jewelry Is to clean them using smooth cloth.


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