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Navaratna Rings Produce Positive Effects

March 7, 2014

The term Navaratna means nine gems. There are nine gems which form the navratna and it has lot of historical significance. When it comes to popularity, the navratna has been renowned in many cultures(Burmese, Indonesian and thai) and it has been mentioned in various religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Earlier, only Asian were fond of Navaratna jewelry but, nowadays this form of jewelry has gained world wide popularity. The navaratna jewelry is also believed to bring luck as well as prosperity to the individual who are adorning them. Those insterested to buy these rings tend to visit varied sites such as Beautiful navratna rings designs and navaratna jewellery shop online site and make purchases. Few of them prefer to adorn the round shaped navaratna pendants and few others like to adorn varied other shapes.

The Tri Netra Ring

This jewelry style does symbolize the solar system with a ruby in the center(representing the sun) encircled by the other 8 planetary gemstones. The combination of these nine gems is considered very scared and regal. Those individuals wearing individual gemstones for a continuous period, you need to consult a gemologist. Individual gem of particular weight can be worn only according to your astrological chart. It is a very popular belief that some stones like Blue sapphire do not suit everyone. If worn as per astrological chart it can turn a pauper into a king and if not favorable it can have serious adverse effect. This stone has many “rags to riches” stories attached to it. It is believed to work wonders for Amitabh Bachchan, he has been seen sporting two blue sapphire rings. Best jewellery can be brought from online stores in indian market.

On the other hand, the navatna jewelry brings only positive effects and the customers do not have to refer the astrological chart to wear one. When these gems are in constant touch with the skin, they are believed to generate positive energy which result in healing effects of the body. Its nine colors compliment all skin tones and matches well with their outfits. The navaratna jewelries are colorful and chunky and they make a great style statement. The navratna necklaces and bracelets are also quite popular. The Navaratna is generally worn as a ring or as a pendant. The correct way of adorning a Navaratna ring is by adorning the blue sapphire gem representing the saturn pointing towards the body on the ring finger. The stones used for astrological reasons may have natural inclusions, but these stones should not have any color enhancement, heat treatment and cracks.


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