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How to and the why of left side nose piercing

December 24, 2013

The nose piercing is gaining popularity among young women who favor body piercing. The nose piercing is second in popularity after ear piercing. It can be noted that more women favor nose piercing then men. They tend to make personal statement by adorning these pieces. A successful piercing can be achieved by following few instruction in an diligent manner. Those who do not take care, after piercing they end up having reactions or scars hence it is beneficial as well as advisable to follow the instruction so that the pierced hole gets healed faster.
The customers after successfully piercing their nose they tend to visit sites such as Baeutiful buy online 18k nose pins and and amethyst nose pins online india site and make their purchases. The online stores provides unbelievable offers hence most customers tend to make purchases even though they have recently shopped for jewelry on the stores. The online stores also offers both convenience as well as ease while shopping. The customers need not travel very long distance in order to buy those pieces instead they can sit in their comfort homes and shop for their favorite jewelry.

The Magnolia Nose Pin

Few women may be interested in adorning sapphire hence they tend to visit buy online sapphire nose rings site and make purchases from those sites. Few of them prefer to adorn sparklers as they make them look elegant as well as stunning. While purchasing the sparklers they should make sure that they buy from reputed stores and not from those stores which are new and offer unbelievable discounts. The online stores also offer authentication certificates to the customers who have brought sparklers from their stores. These certificates are quite useful, during resale as well as during exchange for other pieces. Few stores also offer buy back guarantee hence the customers if they plan to sell them, they can sell them back to the stores from where they have brought the pieces. Best Look for Fashionable Gold Jewellery Designs Online in india.

It can be observed that earlier only Asian women and women belonging to middle east use to adorn them but now, even women from west prefer to adorn them. In vedic books, it has been mentioned that by piercing their nostril on the left side, it aides in reducing the pain during the child birth hence many women tend to pierce their nose on their left side. The left side is the side of divine feminine. The left nostril piercing is also said to reduce unpleasantness that tend to crop during the certain time of the month. Most women entering 40's have more difficulty than the usual with said unpleasantness.


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