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Navratna Jewelry -Offers Good health, Prosperity and Happiness

December 13, 2013

The Navratna jewelry is considered to be very auspicious and they are believed to offer the wearer good health, prosperity, happiness as well as peace of mind. It also helps in warding of the negative energies or the malific effects of the planets and it helps in strengthening the positive influence of the gems. According to the astrology, the position of the planets do keep changing so does the dasa as well as mahadasa of the planet. The malefic effects of the planets can be balanced by the effect to the planets when they adorn Beautiful 18k navaratna jewellry.

18k navaratna jewellry

These jewels can be worn by anyone. It suits everyone irrespective of the zodiac sign and they can be worn even without the recommendation from the astrologers. It is believed such ornament do act as protective shield against the various diseases as well as dangers. By adoring these jewels they help in delivering varied benefits of the nine planetary gems stones simultaneously acting as a protective talisman which offers the wearer benefits of health, happiness and prosperity. These gems are considered to be the best for strengthening the positive influence of the planets. Hence both men as well as women tend to buy navaratna rings. Best Helpful Tips When Buying Diamond Jewelry Online in India.

They help in intensifying the rays of the planet. Each gemstone is specific to certain planet and they take positive traits of the planet. People belonging to ancient times have sensed varied powerful energies emanating from the gemstone crystals and their ability to bring good fortune and also help in warding off evil. These gems also helps in removing the obstacles as well as dangers. The wearer will never suffer any form of ill fortune and they will be freed from diseases and they will get happiness. We find most women are religious and they believe the gems will offer them greater happiness and hence they tend to visit sites navaratna earrings for women and make purchases.

While purchasing these gems, Individuals have to ensure that the gem stones being used in the ornament are flawless, it is also advisable to wear ornaments after cleaning and charging with Navratna mantras at a temple. The correct way of wearing the ring is , to adorn the blue sapphire which represents Saturn pointing towards the body on the ring finger. We find most women also prefer to adorn ring on the left hand ring finger and male prefer right hand ring finger.


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