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Modern Day Random Fashion Accessories

September 3, 2013

In between the rising and falling in the prices of gold and silver and the threat of snatching, people have started choosing and wearing less expensive, though equally beautiful and unique contemporary jewellery. It is called as designer jewellery also. There are 22 Karat gold jewellery and gold diamond jewelry for the people opting for pure form of jewelry. Modern age Gadget Savvy college girls and working women are not hard to find. They are techno-savvy and want everything trendy and fashionable. Designer jewellery is in fashion and is very popular among them.

22 karat gold jewellery

Image courtesy: 22 karat gold jewellery

They are out of the league girls and women hence their choice should be something different. Not only traditional jewellery but also the recycled gadget based jewellery is in demand. It is a type of contemporary jewellery. Such ornaments have become an instant favourite. Their speciality is that they are pocket-friendly and easily portable in purses, wallets, pockets etc. For illustration bracelets beautiful design made from the network wire, rings made of keys from the key board, earrings made of sound card, key chains made of cards holding the sim card. It can be used as key holder after the sim card has been removed from it.

We can also see pendants made up of hardware components. Thus the designers are making beautiful jewellery pieces out of unused and junnk gadgets by recycling them. Memory cards and pendrives are also used to design ornaments. Old electronics parts of gadgets like chips, memory cards, wires and parts of computer like keys from key board, sound cards, cpu, circuit board are given designer look and are converted into silver jewellery. It gives a stylish and modern tech look.

Some other examples are lockets made from computer hardware components, earrings made from network wires, sound cards and circuit board, etc. There is a separate design for men. They also wear cuff links designed from the bullets they use or other used bullets. The jewellery designers recycle the bullets and press them into cuff links with using the metals like sterling silver and platinum. The designer jewellery is customized jewellery available in india at the special boutiques and malls and there are so many websites to choose from.

The designer jewellery is light in weight, elegant and charming. It is incredible how the designers put in so much effort to make gorgeous creations every passing minute. Such jewellery is oftern put on exhibition cum sale or we can get to see them in fashion shows. The film stars and the television stars also flaunt their style and their choice in films, serials, parties,etc. You may know about defination of ornament.


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