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Designer Indian Jewellery for Women and Men

August 30, 2013

Nowadays designer jewellery is in trend in youth. The college girls and boys have made it popular. The designers are bringing latest designs and are introducing newest jewellery line. The indian jewellery design are very famous. They can be worn on casual and ethnic clothes. There are various metals used in ornaments, we can see gold earrings, gold jewellery mangalsutra, gold pendants and necklaces. Stones like diamonds, gemstones like topaz, ruby etc are also used. The emerald diamond jewellery and ruby necklace with matching earrings are very popular.

emerald diamond jewellery

Image courtesy: Emerald Diamond Jewellery

The designers have introduced a new line of jewellery. They have brought jungle designs in their shops. We can see animal prints or designs inspired by them in the ornaments. This concept is spreading fast and it is become trendy among young girls. We can see indian designer earrings, bracelets, pendants,etc in owl, tiger or rabbit designs. For example owl shaped rings made up of plastic, steel or gold. Rabbit shaped earrings or kitten shaped earrings. Owl designs can also be used in bracelets, necklace adn buckles of the waist belt.

From contemporary to traditional jewellery designers bring change in every new season. There are different online shops for purchasing designer jewellery. Some timeless peices are availble in these shops. For instance bib shaped necklace with zebra print, necklaces made up of common metals. There are stores which sell vintage, antique or victorian style jewellery. Men also love to flaunt designer jewellery, hence to satisfy their needs the designers have started using bullets in cufflinks.

The Indian jewellery is also famous from the state of Rajasthan. The art here is fabulous may it be jewellery designing, folk dance, singing etc. The Indian jewellery gives proof of the best craftsmenship of India. Indians are traditional and are ardent followers of customs and ritual. So the most saleable jewellery is the traditional jewellery. The ornaments can be also inspired from the architecture of various monuments like jali work seen in the necklace is inspired from the jali of the Jama Masjid. Even the architecture of Jaipur urges the designers to bring it on the ornaments.

There is special category as temple jewellery. In this type the designs of ornaments are taken from the designs of the temple. For example the design of Konark temple or the Sun temple of Jagannath Puri in Orissa can be seen in a necklace with matching earrings and finger rings. You can also see secret of jewellery shopping.


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