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Designer Jeweleries: Just for You

July 8, 2013

Jewellery has not only been a pride of rich but even ladies from middle class families feel pride to own them. Not only womens and girls but mens has also been a part of wearing jeweleries. Wearing jewellery by men is not a modern trend. Mens have been wearing ornaments and its a very old tradition. There are various types of designer jewellery available for mens as well as womens.

designer jewellery stores

Image Courtesy: designer jewellery stores

For mens

Mens jewelleries are not that heavy as compared to women but yes it is always that trendy and fashionable like women. Mens mostly prefer wearing thin gold or silver chains, rings and also earrings. In case of rings, you will find it in the fingers of most of the mens. They infact also prefer the Gold Classic Rings. But, in case of chains and earrings it is gradually becoming a fashion statement for most of the men’s of this century.

For women

Women has always been known for wearing jewellery. Because of so much interest of women there are variety of Designer Jewellery available in market, from nose rings to anklets. There are various Designer Jewellery Stores available online. With the help of these stores you can get variety of jeweleries online. This is the most easiest and the most convenient way of doing shopping for jewellery.

There are several type of jeweleries available for women now-a-days and that too in different stones and metals. In fact with the growing trend for jewellery in India you can lots of different option if you planning to buy. Among all gold in metals and diamond in stones are the most popular ones. There are even more sub categories available in types of gold and types of diamonds. For gold white gold or gold mixed with many other alloys and in diamond white diamond we all know, some latest diamond in trend are red, green and blue.

There are also many types of stones like sapphire, Ruby, Aquamarine, coral or emerald and the most popular one. Another one with is not much in trend is garnet. Garnet Jewellery has usually beautiful red/ maroon or orange color. It does not looks much attractive to people but when designed with much elegance and creativity this stone is very beautiful and gives mostly a very attractive and elegant look. And another thing which stops people from purchasing this stone is that people are not able to judge the quality of this stone. The best way to judge the quality of this stone is by checking its clarity. Whenever you purchase a gemstone check its clarity, these stones does not have any vein like structure in it and usually looks crystal clear in daylight.


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