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Gold Jewellery Purity is Karat

April 3, 2013

Since ages gold has been considered to precious commodity. The use of this precious commodity goes beyond gold jewelry. It can be observed that rise as well as fall of great empires were historically based on gold. This precious element has always been the symbol of wealth as well as power. Gold jewellery is also fuel for global trade and it remains to be the universal currency. Complex technologies of modern times do use gold for its main ingredient. They are used for circuit boards of sophisticated technology for today’s computers and even for space flight applications because they consist chemical stableness and non corrode able nature.

White Round Rings
Image Courtesy : White Round Rings
Gold jewelry purity is measured in karats, Karat is the amount of gold present in a piece of jewelry. A piece of gold having 24 karat is considered 100 % gold. We can find other precious metals such as platinum or officewear fashion diamond earrings are measured in karats. The carats of gemstones and diamonds does refer to their weight and not the reflection of stones purity. Ten karat gold are not considered as gold by some experts because they claim the presence of other metal elements. Gold content is diluted. They feel that ten carat gold is not better than costume jewellery. Jewelry made of pure 24 k are very rare pure gold is very soft and they are not durable for jewelry making. Hence karat weight is critical when applied to true value of gold jewellery.
The difference between 24 k and 10 k is the weight. Approximately, 10 karate jewellery contains 42% gold and remaining percentage is made up other alloys of metals such as copper. Jewellery applications are much better when gold is alloyed with other metals elements what will produce much harder material. In Hindu, tradition during wedding gold mangalsutra available online is adorned by the bride groom to the bride and accept her as his wife. It is considered to be the token of love. Bridegroom family do check mangalsutra gold designs and make purchases.
In Christian wedding, they exchange rings. Few may be interested to buy white round rings, cocktail ring to reflect the personality for their engagement or for their weddings. Customers before buying on the site they should check the terms as well as conditions of the site. If the terms as well as conditions are not fair then they should not make purchases on the site. Customers should also read the reviews about the site. If they are satisfied about the reviews then they can make purchases on the site.

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