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Get gold mangalsutra designs with price, on online jewellery stores

April 2, 2013

Since ancient times, people are wearing gold jewellery. In india gold is considered to be very pious metal, and all around the world indian gold jewellery is very much famous and in demand. Today there are many other precious metals also available in the market apart from gold, like silver, platinum, titanium, etc, but among all these gold is the most popular metal. No other metal can decrease it’s value and importance. So we can say that gold will never go out of style. The best part of wearing gold jewellery is that, it easily suits with every skin tone type, every outfit and on every occasion. In the marketyou can see a wide variety of gold jewellery in many attarctive shapes, sizes, patterns and designs, such as gold bangles, earrings, anklets, necklase, etc. but among all types of gold jewellery, earrings gold is the most popular and in demand piece of gold jewellery. In the market like you can find a wide variety of gold mangalsutra designs or 18k gold rings for women or gold ruby stone rings, similarly you can also find a wide variety of gold earrings, like gold gemstones studded earrings, gold hoop earrings, and so on. Gold is classified under the karat system which shows the purity of the metal or the percentage of gold in each and every piece of gold.

Ruby Stone Rings

Image courtesy: Ruby Stone Rings

These days gold pear couple band rings are available in many different karat weights like, 24karat, 22karat, 18karat, 16karat, 14karat, 12karat, and so on. But among all these, today 14karat gold rings is getting very much famous, especially gold earrings. A 14karat gold earring contains 14 parts of gold and ten parts of some other metals or 58.3% gold.After it’s rising prices, it is still in very much fashion and in demand. People are purchasing it more and more without thinking about it’s rising price. Now a days buying jewellery online is benificial because of the discounts.

It is also said that purchasing gold is also beneficial as investments because of the raising price of the gold. A beautifull and stunning pair of gold earrings is the best gift to give a women, who is very special in your life. It is an ideal gift for all occassions, as well as it enhance the appearance of the one who wears it. It is advisable that you may even collect 14k gold stud earrings and then later pass them on to your children when they will start growing up or at the time of their marriage. You may also get traditional styled designs to modern contemprory styled designs. Therefore it is completely your choice that what type of gold earring you want.


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