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Buy cocktail rings at discounted prices this holi

March 25, 2013

Cocktails usually carry with them connotations of celebration – a time for partying, for glamour, for enjoyment. And cocktail rings are no less celebratory. The bling is in the ring — cocktail ring, that is. The fun, fashionable statements have moved away from the cocktail party scene and into everyday life for women. What reportedly was once considered a status symbol during speakeasy days, cocktail rings have staged their return and are finding themselves no longer a representation of having money. A pear cocktail classic ring is a large oversized ring that doesn’t necessarily have to be set with precious or semiprecious stones. The use of floral motifs in cocktail rings rather than using precious stones to build up the shape of a curvy leaf or dainty petal is highly popular. Colors are not restricted to white diamonds but instead can be any manner of precious or semi-precious stone that gives the ring a solid burst of fruity, vibrant colours. When elegant drinking becomes the focus of a party, and attention is drawn to the hands, cocktail rings become an essential element of the party uniform. Showstoppers is the more traditional application for cocktail rings, with the design hinged on a central dramatic stone.

Gold Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Image Courtesy: Gold Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Online jewellery shopping India is the best way to shop. While looking for diamond rings online, one can find numerous different styles from different brands as well as different cuts for the gems. The princess cut diamond rings are considered a bit more modern than other styles that are in existence today. While shopping for such rings, there are many ways to make them appear bigger like adding side stones, using clean diamond, mounting it in white gold, etc. Diamond rings are available in multiple cuts like cushion, oval, pear, heart, emerald, Marquis, princess, round, and asscher. Diamond rings for men is the symbol of status and class. Among all these, princess cut diamond rings stands apart. Grade of the diamond, type of metal, cut of the ring and type of setting effect the prices. It is best to choose jewellery metals like silver, gold, palladium and platinum or one can go for 14k or 18k gold. On engagements one can purchase pure white princess cut engagement ring like pave, channel, prong, bezel, tension etc. Women with different needs and likings can choose from a vast variety of gold earrings. There are diverse Design Of Earrings Gold which one can select from. With regard to shapes, there are round, rectangular, oval and many other shapes available online. There are the vintage earrings, cluster earrings, flower, dangle, drop earrings and numerous more. In the same way, there are scores of gems and stones available in range. Diamond, sapphire, turquoise includes some of the stunning gems and stones one can find designed with gold. The variety of colors one can find in designs is also endless.


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