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Gold rings for men with trendy designs and affordable rates availableB online

March 12, 2013

Now a days, gold is the most popular and the first preference choice for men’s rings. Today, gold is available in various grades and styles, so to choose an appropriate one is not at all an easy task. While purchasing gold rings for men, remember two important things, first is the color o the ring and second is the carat. Now a days, mostly gold rings for men comes in, 18kt, 14kt or 9kt, and always remember that the higher the quality of gold will be used in the ring, the more expensive and valuable the ring will be. And 18kt carat gold ring will be much more costly in comparison to a 9 carat ring of the same size and style. Today, like we can easily see various diamond pendant sets designs or white gold diamond pendant designs, similarly we can also see various designs of gold rings for men.

Diamond Pendant Sets Designs

Image Courtesy: Diamond Pendant Sets Designs

Jewelery designs available online are intricate. Consider about the hardness and durability of the ring also, because a man’s ring must be strong and durable. And also consider about the carat level of the gold, because it really affects the hardness of the ring. Beautiful Indian jewellery designs are available on net. As we know that metal hardness is measured on Vickers scale, so every hard metal receives high Vickers scores, whereas softer metals receives lower score. Like 9kt has a Vickers score of 120 wheres 18kt has a Vickers score of 125. It is easier to bend and mold 18 carat rings than 9 carat ring, so it is good to purchase a 9kt ring, then to purchase an 18kt ring. As we know that gold is a soft metal, therefore if you will purchase a higher level of gold ring, then your ring will be more softer. But, while making gold jewelries, some impurities has been added to it with sturdy constructive metals, so that it might not loose or get out of shape. In the market, you can see different colors of gold rings, like yellow gold, pink gold, white gold and rose gold. But the most popular choice is yellow gold, but we can’t deny the popularity of rose gold and white gold. Then there are some other gold varieties also, like lime, red, peach and bronze gold, and each of these gold color has the same amount of purity like yellow gold, and will also get the same Vickers score. White gold is costlier than rose gold and yellow gold, because in white gold, metals like platinum and palladium are mixed into it.


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