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The trend of Wedding gifts being bought online is catching up.

March 1, 2013

Gold jewelry is considered to be an assert to women and hence during marriages most household do offer gold jewelry to the their daughter so that during financial crises she can either sell them or even mortgage those gold jewelry and get over her financial situation. In india, Parents who have daughters usually indulge in buying gold jewelery so that during her marriage it would be easy to offer gold which the bride groom’s family may demand or even if they do not demand they feel proud to bestow exclusive gifts such as gold jewelry for her marriage.

Latest Mangalsutra Design In Gold

Image Courtesy: Latest Mangalsutra Design In Gold

On the other hand, Bridegroom family do indulge in purchase of mangalsutra or single stone diamond pendants, so that on wedding day, the bridegroom can tie mangalsutra and make wedding wows and accept bride as her wife. They tend to check latest mangalsutra design in gold and if they like any piece they click on them and read details and if satisfied with details they tend to make payments via various modes and receive delivery of piece. It takes nearing to week for the piece to get delivered. The online stores provide nearing to 45 to 60 days and with in these days if the customers do not return the pieces then they think that pieces have been sold. If the customer does return the pieces with in 45 to 60 days of grace period they get refund of money or they can buy other alternate pieces of same value. Few prefer to adorn mangalsutra which consist sparklers because they look more elegant and classic. Users prefer to purchase certified diamonds only.

Best jewellery is bought from stores online. Bridegroom on wedding day definitely would like to grab attention of many hence they view mens jewellery online web pages and make purchases. Relatives as well as guest who are invited to the wedding do offer the newly wed couple varied gifts. They too adorn best clothes and jewelry for the wedding. The host ensures that all who attend wedding feel comfortable and enjoy party which has been conduct on eve of wedding. Return gifts are offered to all guest who made their presence and blessed couple. Few who host the wedding do print invitation card which states that the guest should not get any gifts in that case the guest should try to oblige the request and they can offer gifts to the couple later in the future. Few people cannot resist giving gift so they tend to buy varied gifts to offer to the couple


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