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Diamonds are forever and that’s why they are used in mangalsutra

February 12, 2013

People believe diamonds are forever. But meaning of diamond engagement ring has changed dramatically in last century. Today’s symbol of love was once something more like a virginity insurance. Many people have one question in their mind, why do men purchase diamond rings for their fiancee. There is an emotional story. Every individuals desire to make grand gesture of commitment to the individual whom they love. Apart from that there is marketing story. De beers did run historic ad campaign which crafted by real life mad men N w Ayers. They convinced generations of lovers that diamond bands are synonymous and they have eternal devotion. But behind that there is an economic story that is just as important and fascinating.

Traditional Mangalsutra Designs

Image Courtesy: Traditional Mangalsutra Designs

Fabulous indian jewellery for girls are available on online stores. Earlier diamonds were not just gifts. They were considered to be virginity insurance. It is now obsolete law called breach of promise to marry. Once allowed women to sue the men for breaking off the engagement. In earlier days there were high premium for women who were virgins when they were married. According to the survey from 1940 ‘s there were roughly half of the reported couples being intimate before the big day. In case the groom walked out after he and the bride had sex then she would be in a precarious position. But in modern age, women are independent they can make decisions for themselves and they can even gift men  trinity fashion diamond rings.

Heart pendant is a perfect valentine gift. Women in order to buy those expensive bestowals they visit diamond rings for men web pages and select a ring which can grab the attention of many . Women purchase designer gold earrings and they adorn for work. Few women who desire to look traditional they love to adorn traditional mangalsutra designs. During the time of wedding bride groom ties mangalsutra to bride and accept her as his wife. They vow to each other that they will respect as well as trust each other and only in death they will depart. During wedding many guests are invited and all these guests adorn good dresses and also jewelry for the wedding. Guest usually provide valuable jewellery gifts to the bride. During wedding lot of people even dance as well as sing in order to express their happiness. Good food is served to all guest and guest relish the food served to them. Those who attend the wedding they are also offered return gifts by the wedding host.


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