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Beautiful Emerald Engagement Rings With variety are Available Online

December 6, 2012

Emerald is one of the nine precious gemstones and to technically call a stone emerald wouldn’t be right. In reality a green colored beryl is called emerald. The value of an emerald comes from its color and the value increases with more clarity in color. And the more color goes paler, it becomes blue. It is then treated with heat and turn into aquamarine. Something only few of us knew. Emerald has a famous flawed characteristic. Yes, almost every emerald piece you shall find will have flaws in it. Flawless emerald are very rare. Due to this fact emerald with flaws is considered to be authentic over flawless emerald. For gents rings emerald is considered since it supposed that every gemstone has some spiritual power, emerald delivers eloquence and also sharp-mindedness.

Emerland Engagement Rings

Image Courtesy: Emerland Engagement Rings

Though for engagement rings, multistone cluster solitaire rings with diamond piece on it is always preferred. Emerald engagement rings are also called for. One can imagine why would someone go for an emerald engagement ring rather than going for a diamond solitaire instead for such an important date in both the lives.
People buy diamond ring online. The cost of the emerald as stated above comes by its color. The color green of the emerald would be unmatchable, its deep and glowing green. Emeralds from zambia and colombia are considered to be high quality. Of emerald cuts pear, oval, round and emerald, emerald cut also called octagon cut is the most famous. To talk about the emerald hardness, it is hard but brittle too, the buyer has to take care of the emerald jewellery and not treat it like any other jewellery. Emerald is considered to be the birthstone for the month of may. Online you may also find emerald gold ring designs, too. Engagement rings should be of best quality.
There are many varieties of the emerald stones like Brazilian, colombian, zambia, cat’s eye, trapiche/star. Trapiche emeralds is one of the most valuable emerald type and is near to flawless in characteristics plus it naturally has a six rayed star when viewed. Tsavorite is the gemstone that can be easily confused with emerald. It would be even more surprising to know that a natural emerald have almost of no flaws in it would be more in cost then natural diamond of same carat weight. Which is same in case, when ruby is compared to diamond, a high quality ruby costs more than diamond of same carat and weight.
All the emeralds are oil treated, it is an accepted standard among emerald treatments. All though coloring a stones is any color is not accepted as a standard. For buying any emerald jewellery stuff you should get online and search how? There are many names the aim to destroy the authenticity of the emerald. Spanish, kimberly, african, medina, south african and bohemian are few to name.

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