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Cocktail jewellery tastes better than cocktail

November 28, 2012

India scores its niche in making religious jewelry. The main character of almost all the mythological tales are incorporated in today’s prevalent jewelery. Find a online jewellery shopping india and browse through the entire collection then checkout another online shop and do the same, you can’t get rid of the fact that there jewelers in India are dedicated in making the sacred jewelery. Take other characters for sake, Lord Kirshna jewelery is equally rated and sold so goes with Lord Rama, Lord Hanumana etc.

Diamond pendant designs for woman
                   Image Courtesy: Diamond Pendant Designs for Women
Even diamond pendant designs for women include designs influenced by the sacred Indian texts, and these designs for women are sold lot more than their male counterparts. There are many exciting designs over the online market that constitute for a visual treat. Apart from these designs there are diamond designs where solely diamond brings the sparkling grace. Lets throw a thoughtful light over it.
Hurricane design, how would a hurricane look like when seen from a satellite. Halo Diamond pendants comes in many shapes, diamond pieces from all directions comes with curve to center upon the base of metal. Flower design has diamond piece at its center with leaves of any other precious or semi-precious stone. Alphabetical design has simply diamond fixes at wherever possible, that makes up for a memorable gift. Heart design, the most popular, is treated in many different ways. The heart design is actually stylized, by using different metals and by giving different shapes, rare are the designs that are kept hollow as compared to the others.
To call it a miscellaneous jewelery wouldn’t be right, cocktail jewelery is worn by the wealthies as it comprises of the top notch designs. The designs for cocktail rings do not follow any pattern or style, every other cocktail ring would look as if it has been customized. The use of any kind of stone, metal, to accomplish just one thing that is beauty. Sizes are usually larger. Even if single stone is used the size would be larger. There are some designs that take their inspiration form the cocktail stuff itself. Like toppings of a cocktail or mocktail glass toppings, you can get cocktail rings online.
Other designs take influence from anywhere, but the maintenance of the refreshing title, “Cocktail’, is heeded together with its beauty. Cocktail designs do not limit at rings only but any kind of jewelery item that exists. Its there in pendants to bracelets to earrings and on. The taste of a cocktail drink and the pleasure of wearing the jewelery are similar with only one exception that former lasts for few hours but the latter lasts as long as it is with you.

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