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Alphabetical Pendants are always in demand

November 28, 2012

Pendants of alphabetical style have been in fashion of quite a time now. People prefer to buy custom made alphabetical jewelery items especially pendants and key-chains. These items often include the first letter or initials of the full name of the bearer. It might be surprising to consider that alike other jewelery items, the scope of creative art, upon the letters, is not limited. The letters can be of any language and carvings upon them can take any form.

Single Stone Om Pendants

Image Courtesy: Single Stone Om Pendants

Few people prefer to adorn light weight jewellery. People having craze for buying the pendants having their name etched on it, order it on-line, go out and buy it from local stores and even sometimes end up giving designs themselves to the best white gold slider pendants makers around. Some want it simple, some want it to have a dazzling look on other’s attention. The material used for making these pendants do not limit to rich metals. To say, the substance used can be wooden or iron or any crafted material. Plus it again lies on the preference of the buyer how to have it decorated. By precious or semi-precious gemstones.
Earrings can be made using different metals. Heart shape pendant would be a good gift to impress ‘Mary’ but to give her m pendant or pendant with her full name, would bring about a deeper impression. As the concept of alphabetical pendants is essentially for remembrance of the beloved. So they can prove to be valuable gifts that always help the gifted to keep the memory of their special ones. Whats more to it that irrespective of the material used to make it, the value of the item would not go down. The trend of this kind of jewelery even dates back to ancient times. And he scope of customization itself bring innovative ideas to the maker.
Pendants with popular symbols such as Hindu om, solely has as popularity and significance as that of alphabetical ones. The most sold out art of the om pendants is of golden om or silver om having no gemstone over it. But sometimes the silver pendants are used as base for some diamond look alike gemstones. Artistry of Lord Shiva’s three-headed spear depicting om and Lord Ganesha inside the bigger curve of om has gained popularity. The Buddhist symbol for om has its maddening craze when we shift our consideration to eastern lands. The Buddhist om on-line is available not alike the Hindu golden om but in very sober and calm down colors, mostly made up from local stones and wooden carvings.

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