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Customer receive gifts when they shop for jewellery online

September 3, 2012
Jewellery shops in India consists of collection of jewellery made of several metals such gold, silver, platinum. While making jewellery the artisan can also include gemstones, precious stones and pearls. The people from ages have been wearing jewellery to look good. They believe these jewellery will help in defining their personality well.
In earlier days artisans used to make only hand made jewellery and it used to take longer period to make a single jewellery but now the artisans even use machines to make jewellery. The jewellery stores do specify whether particular jewellery is hand crafted or machine made jewellery. When the jewellery stores sell their jewellery, they charge additional amount from the customer as wastage charges and making charges. The customers if they want any specific design then they need to pay additional charges because the artisan has to make the jewellery as per the instruction of the customers.
The jewellery stores charge different wastage charges for different jewellery design. The customers can opt to buy simple jewellery which do not have high wastage charge associated with it or they can opt for jewellery which has high wastage charge but the design could be very unique and attractive.
The customers who lead a very busy life and cannot allocate time to buy jewellery can always opt to buy jewelry online. These online stores provide good amount of discount to the customers and the customer feel that they have taken right decision to buy jewellery online. The online jewelry shop provides various reward programs which will benefit the customers. The customers who are loyal to the online stores are rewarded. The online stores provide exclusive gifts to the customers. The customers when they refer more people to the online stores the online stores reward those customers. if the customers like certain services and jewellery design they indirectly market those products to other people. Thus they are acting as a sales agent to the online stores and the service they provide is free.
The online stores also from time to time conduct various games and those who participate in those games have an opportunity to win the game and they also receive gift when they actually win the game. The online stores levies few condition to participate in those games. One of few condition could be purchase of gold item of certain value.

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