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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

June 20, 2012
Pay attention when you are buying diamond engagement rings. In the excitement of getting fixed you generally tend to buy the expensive rings. Gone are the days when diamond engagement ring price was equal to two months salary of the groom. It is not necessary to spend the definite amount, you can decide as per your marriage plans. Decide your budget first then go for purchasing the diamond engagement ring. Diamond rings also play the role of investment. Hence be aware when you purchase engagement rings. Properly check everything, the originality of the diamond, the weight of the gold in it and the weight of the diamond. So be confirmed that you are getting for what you are buying instead of getting befooled.

Get your girl with you to be sure with size and moreover, the choice of the ring will be exactly what she wants. So that the ring doesn’t falls off her finger and she will be happier to buy the ring with her own taste. Before payment check the 4 c’s of the diamond that are carat, color, clarity, cuts. Cuts increase the shine and lustre of the diamond, as the facets refracts the light in center of the diamond. Moreover confirm the carat of the diamond. See to it that it weighs the same for which you are paying. If you are not aware of certain things you end up by paying double or triple amount. Additionally, check for the color of the diamond. Though white diamonds are the best ones but at the same time the most costly ones.
Don’t worry if your pocket doesn’t allow you such expensive stones, you can switch to colored stones with lesser price. Colored stones look nice and are affordable as well. There are some other color options available in diamonds which are –pink, yellow and brown. Hence if you like you can choose these as well. One more thing need to be checked in the diamond that is the flaws. Flaws make the diamond looks dull and its shine reduces as well. Moreover there are several options in diamond engagement rings like single diamond, three diamond rings, the eternity rings. Hence try and buy the choice of your fiancée to make her feel special. Moreover, men rings should also be purchased in the same way. So first check and then buy. Girls should also be aware of his choice to impress him.

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