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History of Diamond Jewelry

June 14, 2012

Diamonds are among the most valuable gemstones present on the earth. Diamond jewelery was also worn in earlier times. We can find its evidence in the history. Although the art of cutting diamonds are new, probably it is available to common people from last 150 years. So diamond jewelery is not an old concept. Diamond jewelry is the sign of royalty. In the medieval age King gift their princess the diamond jewelry to express the eternity of love. They consider the diamond jewelry as the best and royal gift.

We are not been familiar to the history of diamond. It is not a known fact that diamonds are been first recognized and mined in India in the alluvial deposit stones of the Penner, Godavari and Krishna river. Diamonds are been known in India for the last 3000 years and in the present era Africa is the largest producer of diamonds in the world. However the diamond became popular in the 19th century when its supply has risen. When its cutting and polishing techniques was at the pace of improvement in those days it became a popular gemstone.
To form the complete attractive and furnished diamond jewelry, diamond’s “4 Cs” must be considered these are: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. If your diamond has all the four Cs then you will be having the finest pieces of jewelry. Cut and color of the diamond are the basic features which should be considered while selecting the piece of diamond, although diamond have the large range of choices available from crystal clear white to dark amber which includes pink, red, green.
Clarity is also a feature which refers to just that how clear and attractive that stone appears as all the natural pieces of diamond has the internal flaws some of them carry fewer flaws and some of them has large flaws. Carat weight of the diamond is about 2 decigrams as the largest polished diamond in existence just weighs a little over 2 pounds named as Star of Africa. Now-a-days diamonds are the best part of jewelery. One of them is diamond ring which is exchanged on the wedding or engagement ceremony. As the engagement rings for men and women, diamond rings are considered as now-a-days it is the best gem to express the love. Diamond jewelry has the grace in itself and also make the person look good.

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